Detailing Services

Here at Detail Kings, we have a wide range of services to fit any car and any budget. View our price guide below, should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by phone at 0416 446 717 or submit an inquiry form here.


Basic Detail (Interior Only) - Starting at $120 to $300
Full interior detail, including vacuum, interior cleaning and interior protectant.

Basic Detail (Exterior Only) - Starting at $120 to $300
Foam wash & dry, sealant applied, engine bay clean, tyres and trims dressed.

Basic Plus (Interior & Exterior) - Starting at $190 to $330

Combines the above services into one, this is our full interior & exterior detail.



Paint Correction Services - Starting at $250 to $900

Bronze - Single stage machine polish

The bronze package consists the Basic Plus package, with a single step paint correction. This will eliminate very light scratches and generally help the paint pop, enhance clarity and increase the depth of the colour.



Silver - Two stage machine polish

The silver package consists of the Basic Plus package, with a two stage paint correction. This package is recommended for paintwork that has been neglected for a period of time, our silver package will dramatically rejuvinate paintwork and eliminate deeper scratches & swirl marks.

Gold - Three stage machine polish

The gold package is our most intensive correction package, it consists of the Basic Plus package with a three stage paint correction. This will eliminate up to 90% of paint defects such as swirl marks, wash marks, scratches and other blemishes. Recommended for heavily neglected paintwork. If you're struggling to choose between the services, please reach out to us with a few photos & we can advise which to choose based on paint condition & hardness/softness.

Ceramic Coating Paint Services - Starting at $1,000 to $1,950

Here at Detail Kings we also offer ceramic coating surface protection using the latest technology from reputable brands worldwide such as Gtechniq & CarPro.

All of our ceramic services are warrantied for 5 years from their installation date, terms and conditions do apply.

All ceramic coating services include paint correction services at no extra cost, we aim to provide the most perfect surface possible prior to applying our coatings. We offer additional surface protection add-on options also:

Ceramic Glass Coating (All exterior windows & mirrors): $250

Ceramic Leather Coating (All leather interior surfaces): $350

Ceramic Wheel Coating (All wheels, both sides, inc. spare): $200