Our Results

Here is a little showcase of our work and just what we can do:

Car: Isuzu DMAX Service: Ceramic Paint Coating

We had completed a ceramic coating on a near-new Isuzu DMAX space cab ute and I was single handedly introduced to the worst factory finish I have ever dealt with. Incredibly soft paint, so soft to the point that a wipe from a towel in the wrong way would send you back to the drawing board with your polish. We tackled this one with extreme care & cleanliness to get the job done and avoid marring the extremely delicate paint finish, once the near perfect result was acheived - we locked it in using Gtechniq CSL & Gtechniq EXO v4 as the top coating.



Car: 2016 Holden Commodore VF II SS Service: Ceramic Paint Coating 

Another ceramic coating for this stunning VF, which also doubled as our clients daily driver, yep. She's that cool. She struggled with water spotting and bug debris all over the car, especially the optioned racing stripes. We took care of the paint and laid down the ceramic coating after a thorough decontamination and paint correction to remove the bug etching & water spotting, good to go for another 5 years.


Car: Mazda BT-50 Service: Basic Plus

While we do enjoy the tough and lengthy jobs, we also take great pride in our Basic Plus packages which consist of a great exterior & interior tidy up. Incredible value for those big rigs and those in the construction industry, we took care of this concreters BT-50 and the results speak for themselves!

Car(s): 3 Jaguar Sovereigns Service: Basic Plus

We have to include this for the sheer transformation factor. From living outside on a farm for a majority of their lives, we had the task of getting these three classic Jag's ready for a clients wedding in 2 days. We had our work cut out for us but we stormed on through. Transformations don't get much better than this, check it out.

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